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It never fails... everytime I turn on the radio in the morning... I hear the same old thing...

Grown men talking about gossip. They talk about Tom and Katie, Britney and Kevin, Jessica and Nick... The fact that I even know what's going on with these names is all morning radio's fault.

I used to think it was just one local station, however, the other morning in the gym someone had it dialed into a competing radio show, and it was the same thing...
Same corny jokes, same talk about reality TV, and the same stupid gossip.

What's sad is that these Djs have a way of communicating with the whole city... they can tell us anything they wanted to... but I guess some people just don't have much to say. If it was me, I'd at least try to slip in a new song now and then instead of the same 5 they play every morning.

My new morning ritual has taken to watching the news on mute with music of my choice on a cd... if something on the telly strikes my fancy, I turn it up... Hey I like to be informed as much as the next guy... but I don't really care to hear about some movie star's new fling.