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The wife and I bought a new car a couple of weeks ago. I mean brand spankin’ new. Everything was covered in plastic, the car had about 13 miles on the odometer and it has a warranty that I really like. And let’s not forget about the almighty miles per gallon. It looks sharp, drives quiet, and goes a long way using little gas. Fully loaded too, satellite radio, CD player, power everything, automatic rearview mirror dimmer… good little package deal.

It makes the trade a little easier to swallow. I had to trade my other vehicle to get it… but I loved my old car… WE loved my old car. She (yeah my car was a she) was probably the last big thing I purchased as a bachelor. She was the right blend of color and chrome, sat proudly on her 4 wheels, and had enough get up and go to match anything she wanted… but I rarely showed her off because a gambler never shows all his cards in one sitting. Not that you couldn’t tell though. She would tell you. Her dual exhaust must have been put in by a master musician, because she sang down the road in a tune that I haven’t heard anywhere else. I remember when I first bought her, I showed her to my roommate and said… “Check this out, she SINGS to me,” with that I turned the key, and she roared to life.
I bought her coming out of a bad time in my life, since it is human nature to go around an odometer effect in life (new years eve, anniversaries, etc.) you could say that buying her was what we would call the beginning of the “upswing”. I named her “Annabelle” because it sounded like a southern ladylike name (also the type of name I would find in a Tom Waits song), and in a few short weeks, found myself promoted, new band taking off with newfound popularity all over Texas, started dating a hot little number who eventually became my wife, and took my car all over Texas.

It was the “all around Texas” thing that got me. Sure what’s the Lone Ranger without Silver? Who’s Batman without the Batmobile, or Knight Rider without Kitt?? But I wonder how those people paid to keep their rides fuled up. (I’m sure Lone Ranger got off cheap though). But I tell ya, keeping up with a superhero car can be really expensive. Although I loved to hear Annabelle creep up the street in a low tough rumble, I knew she got about 2 miles to the gallon. I guess it was fine as a young single rock and roll guy, but when you become a married responsible lad with two jobs like myself, dropping loads of cash at the local Circle K just doesn’t have the appeal it used to.

So we sold her, it was tough. We were able to get the price we wanted on the new car because the wife and I really loved my car we could just walk away if we didn’t get the deal we wanted. As we were signing ourselves to new debt, I had the first pangs of guilt. Annabelle was the only car I owned that had a “Hot Wheels” made out of her. She was a prized possession that literally helped me run away from many problems. How many tickets had we gotten? How many had we gotten away with? How many times has she cruised the streets of downtown Houston, Austin, the beaches and many concert venues I have attended as a fan and performer? When the sale was done, I opened the door one last time, picked up my aviator sunglasses and St. Christopher medallion, thanked her for years of service, and started up our brand new car.

I forgot about all this until the other night. We were in the new ride appreciating the wonderful tunes on Satellite radio without having the local clear channel radio stations make me mad… and I heard a familiar rumble fast approaching. It was her…
Someone had bought my old car. Man, that was fast. I drove her for years, and knew the rumble like the back of my hand, sure enough, there she was rolling up on the passenger side, cruising down Navarro, all shined up like a girl going to the prom…
Some young kid had bought her… he had the windows rolled down, rolling Annabelle down the road without a care in the world. He looked over to me, I literally was flabbergasted at the sight of another person driving my old prized possession, he smirked, gunned the engine and in two quick jolts to dodge oncoming cars… my old car zoomed out of sight, the sound of her rumble and distant taillights the only proof I hadn’t seen a ghost.
It was a strange experience. I didn’t know she would be sold so fast, much less to someone in town. It was sort of like seeing an ex-girlfriend really soon after a breakup. I kept saying to myself “Whatever dude, I had her first.” But it really didn’t change the odd feeling of a little jealousy as I kept driving to our destination.
I thought a little about it over the weekend. Annabelle was a toy, she needed to belong with a young kid who would drive her fast and all over the place. This new car, well it’s pretty sharp, really nice, looks like I’m doing OK in life, and it signifies the first big purchase the wife and I decided to make, so we’re both growing up a little here…
Annabelle never did appreciate driving to work sitting in a lot, coming home and picking up groceries on a weekly basis… Then I think about the gas pumps… Annabelle used to laugh at 20 dollars in her tank, putting that little gas was like trying to get a sleepy kid to go to school. For once I didn’t envy that kid… (PS… don’t buy the cheap stuff)