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Looks like the NBA is making it's players dress a little better with a dress code they must adhere to when making press conferences and appearances when not in game time...

NBA Introduces New Dress Code For Players

I'm sort of torn here... I mean look, I work in an office during the day, I have to maintain a professional appearance, so I can certainly feel where the management is coming from, let us not forget that the NBA players are being paid unusually large sums of money, and the NBA doesn't want to lose any sponsors if players don't behave and look professional.
It's not like it's public school where kids are "finding themselves" and aren't getting paid with much more than a high school education... These cats get paid major bucks.

On the other hand, at night I play in a band, I interview bands, and I write reviews (yes, some people actually care what I think about them)... never once have I been asked to dress a certain way in my music world, it wouldn't work anyway, fans would see me as "fake" and not real, and the genre of music I like to play is certainly about as real as you can get.
Basketball isn't like music at all, in fact let me just tell you now that I hate team sports... I blame that on public school... But the way I see it is, basketball players, like football players WISH they were music stars, that's why you have the lavish medallions, awful jerseys, and the need for a dress code in the first place. They never really brought up stuff like this when Rodman was making headlines, at least he was original, too many athletes copy themselves anyway, they all want to wear the most gold on their neck and show off their terrible tattoos they paid way too much for. As a result, your kids are out trying to copy that, and the mall looks like a bad Nike ad.

But hey what do I know?