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A good friend of mine, Ken, who has been a great pal over the years is also a recreational bike rider... He wrote this in his personal blog, I thought it brought up some good points, so I got his permission to repost it... See what you guys think...

Ken's Blog:
"I have never been a fan of Triple D Security. They used to run us off from all the best places to skate. I'm 35 now, so I had long since gotten over those incendiary incidents.

Yesterday I had a prescription for Kym's asthma to drop off, so I thought I wold work in a bike ride. I dropped off the script, and rode to the park to cruise for the hour they needed to fill it. I decided to go out the end of the park that enters the historic part of town, "Old Victoria."

I was riding at a slow pace to kill time, and so I could appreciate all the huge old houses on every street. I realized there was someone following me in a car. I looked back as I made a turn and saw that it was Triple D Security following me. I rode for a while longer at 8 mph. They continued to follow a short distance behind me. Finally they broke off, so I turned to cross the highway and head back to Walgreen's. The reason they backed off was evidently because a police cruiser took their place. As I sat at a red light waiting to cross, the cruiser pulled up next to me. I waived and the officer waived back. The light turned green and we both went our separate ways.

My question is this: How did I look suspicious enough to warrant all this attention? I was riding a fairly expensive bike, had on a cycling helmet and shoes, and I was taking the historic tour of Old Victoria. They post signs saying "Go this way, look at this house." If they don't want us to take the tour, they should not label the route."

So... I'm thinking of conducting an experiment myself along the old Victoria Route... anyone want to join, we'll wear street clothes one day, athletic clothes the next, then close out the day in suits.