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It's that time of year again. The breeze is getting cooler, the leaves are turning, the sky is dulling. Soon my favorite semi holiday will be upon us... Halloween.

I love Halloween. It's a chance to be something different than what we usually are. Lets us put our hair down, relax a little, scare each other with some ghost stories about that one house down the street where your best friend's sister's boyfriend's old uncle Charlie saw a ghost... something to give you goosebumps.

For a guy like me, it lets me buy a few decorations I can leave up all year round in the old office.

But it seems to be an ongoing battle. There is always someone who wants to rain on my parade, call all lovers of a great American tradition a bunch of pagan supporters and well, it's never much fun to listen to the ramblings of a party pooper.
You know the guys I'm talking about. The ones who said Harry Potter is evil, Bert and Ernie are gay, and anything fun is the work of the devil.

Going back to the regular guy point of view... let me say this.

1 Trick or Treating is a wonderful tradition. I have great memories of it as a child and these days, when I see people offering alternatives to the great pastime, it really brings me down. You guys can keep your fall festival, give me the thrill of door to door pillaging anyday. If it's in a safe chaperoned controlled enviornment, why not let your kids do something you used to.

2 Customes are Customes. If your kid decides to dress up like Superman for halloween, he doesn't have superpowers. So in theory, if he dresses up like a monster, he won't become a monster. (Unless he's a Bush Supporter bwah ha ha! I keed I keed!!)

3 All this talk about pagans and Satan... never worries me. I refuse to give evil power in my life. I don't believe that putting skulls around my house (Let's face it, we are all born with one) is going to give the devil one shred of power over me. Not once as a kid did I open up a snickers bar and say "here's to Satan"

BUT... I do always thank God for letting me live to see another day. Maybe we are worrying a little too much about things that we don't really need to be concerned with.

Are we going to get little trenchcoat mafia nerds who dress in black, write bad poetry and think the devil is "cool"? Probably, you can't change the folly of youth and dumb choices. But I tell you one thing, even as a rebellious young lout, when your mind is made up, it's made up, so what's say we stop this foolish hate of halloween, accept it as a great chance for fun...
Who knows... maybe one day we will all celebrate similar holidays like Dia De Los Muertos? Now that's A LOT of fun.

Happy Halloween