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I got finished watching this cool movie called "Crossroads" that was airing on CMT.

Noooo... not the lame Britney Spears movie, it's a movie with that Ralph Macchio kid from "Karate Kid".

I like it, because it centers around THE BLUES, and the myth about the crossroads. If you aren't familliar with the Robert Johnson legend, I'll give you a short intro.
Robert Johnson goes to the crossroads to make a deal with the devil so he can play blues guitar like a legend.(These days of legend, you could do that sort of things at a crossroads) It works, He dissapears for a period of time, and when he comes back on the bar scene, he is amazing. A deal with the devil never ends well though, and he is killed mysteriously (poisoned the rumour goes).

The movie mentions Johnson a little, but doesn't blaspheme the person too much, it centers around a blues man "Willie Brown" who knew Johnson and also did the same crossroads deal. Now, Wille Brown is in a nursing home, who is deperately trying to leave so he can go to the crossroads and get his soul back. Little Ralph's character is a Julliard music student who wants to play Blues and busts him out of a nursing home so he can learn to be a "real" bluesman on the road.
The two go on an odyssey, Ralph takes on a Blues name, wears a bad suit and tries to emulate Willie. Willie shows him there is more to looking the part, and more to the fancy chords he can play at music college.
It's got a lot of good one liners, fun times, pretty good little movie.
Then the ending comes...
After they reach the crossroads, the devil offers Willie's soul back if Ralph's character can beat the Devil's guitar player in a "head cutting" contest.
The Devil's champ is none other than guitar afficianado Steve Vai.
So the two duel it out onstage. Then this wonderful little buddy movie about the Blues turns into a rock opera.

Well.... no movie is perfect.

Still, it's a pretty good flick, I had seen it before from my friend Buddy. It's an older movie (80's), but impossible to find on DVD. Check it out if you get the chance.