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My brother called me today, and a quick search online confirms his fear... Fats Domino is missing in New Orleans after Katrina...

To see the story go here Fats Domino Missing

The good news is, there is still hope. He may be OK. I know it may seem a little selfish of me right now with everything going on... But Fats Domino holds a very special place with me. His record was one of the first I remember seeing in my dad's collection, and during my teenage years, his cassettes were the only thing that all 3 siblings could agree on during a car trip.

For those too young to know or care, I really hope you decide to check him out. He has more songs than just "Blueberry Hill"... and the important thing is he always sounded like he was having fun. Buy a greatest hits CD and be amazed. (download the songs "4 winds", "Please Don't Leave Me" and "Fat Man" if you wanna try him out)

I sure hope he's OK.

Fats Domino