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Sick of buying a CD because you hear one good song, and then discover that the rest of the album stinks?

Yeah so am I, that was a big problem in the late 90's and early part of the 00's. Thankfully with the internet, record companies and music "performers" are actually having to work more to put out a better product.

The internet, with all it's ugly informality has fast become a sounding board in which the likes of Jlo and The Backstreet Boys have to compete for space on your MP3 player with the garage band of 13 year olds across the street.

It's certainly a big plus for the unsigned bands. Most bands can post their music up in which the listener can download for free and can spread their music to large numbers of people.(versus places like Napster where you have to pay for downloads)

It's a big plus for "real" music performers too. Companies can count download sells much like the sales of singles a few decades ago. The result is similar to the fifties and sixties, when artists could record a few singles at a time and not really have to worry about the stress of putting out a 15 song album right away. The result is a better product for the consumer with not a lot of filler.

And let's not forget internet radio... sites like live365 found here... live365 features internet radio stations that stream songs to your computer depending on whatever genre ywish to hear. The best part is they are actually set up by music fans... what a way to fire up your morning at the office!

So how do you get started if you want to begin checking out some new and probably unheard of music? Take your pick from any sort of free mp3 site, like or soundclick soundclick...

I'll give you an example.
Let's say you want to check out a song or two from a hip unsigned band in Victoria called The Madagain Saints...(shameless plug I know) you just click over to their soundclick profile found here...Madagain Saints MP3's
You can actually listen to it before you download thanks to streaming audio. May I suggest listening to the song "Wineglass" which was featured on a few indie and college stations when it was recorded last year.

And there you have it... a song for free. There are many others, I usually search on purevolume for hours just playing a few random songs without downloading anything. It makes me happy to hear someone else's song. Something that they believe in enough to record and share with the world. Maybe not to get rich, but because the song wanted to be recorded. And really... who wants a song mad at them?