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If you were to look through the eyes of Alicia Caballero, you would see so much more than just a bunch of unruly kids. You would see the state of music as it is today. In VFW halls, rented clubs, parties… Far away from the cover bands hired by the local parks and recreation department. You would see underground bands doing what they do best… from the lens of her camera.

Alicia, who turns 18 in a few days, began taking pictures of bands a few years ago using disposable cameras. She noticed she had many pictures of bands she posted on her own blog, but not many people had access to it, so she decided to put up a site to showcase her pictures and allow bands to access the pictures as well. “Not only does it make me happy to know that people view my work, it's also promoting our scene and that's always a good thing.” Alicia Says.

Indeed, Alicia has come a long way from her days using a disposable camera. “I use a Canon S1 IS. at shows to create that 'extra effect', I delay the time a little bit and the results are satisfying.” she says.

Not only are her pictures something unique. (I guarantee you no other young photographer in Victoria has a site dedicated to the music she loves) But she also takes a genuine interest in what she is doing. “It seems as though many 'older' kids are becoming angry with a younger scene coming up. Most people can't see it but the more kids go, the better our scene will be. Everyone has their 'Hot topic - look at my buttons and tight pants' stage but yet no one can stand anyone who is new to the scene because they're only 'posers.' Today, a scene is only based on it's fashion. Not on the shows or the bands who play in them. Anything I can do to help better our scene is what I have in mind and hopefully this website will build to a better Victoria scene. Or at least help it.”

There is an old ethic called “DIY” or “do it yourself” that was always in the mindset of the underground music culture. And this site is a prime example of it. To check out the young photographer’s site… go here shesoundstheoutloud