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I swear I never intended to keep the Blues/birthday/us old guys just hate the pop music on the radio theme... But here's another one worthy of note.

B.B. King's birthday is today. He's eighty years old and still tours and plays more often than he stays home. He says he has no plans of slowing down.

He's kind of the staple for blues begginers. People just seem to identify him first, like they would Elvis with rock and roll and Mozart with classical. But there is a reason people identify these musicians with these genres... they are very exceptional with their genres of choice.

BB king is no exception. He really is remarkable. Has a tone that most people can't come close to much less match. Luicille's cry is so often heard through his records, it can send shivers down you spine if you're not careful.

I also like the fact that BB says the blues isn't always sad, but it does reflect life.