I saw in the news today there is a report about kids’ lunchboxes. It seems as though many “soft” lunchboxes may or may not contain lead. According to the news story, many parents were in a rush to throw away the lunchboxes, or go buy some sort of lead detector that conveniently is plugged at the end of the story.

My question is… if times are so dangerous nowadays… how did we adults ever survive? I mean these days we x-ray our kids Halloween candy, have them wear flameproof and car reflective costumes even. In our day, we used to ride in the back of a pickup truck, and now even that’s illegal. We had asbestos in our schools, ate from aluminum lunchboxes, and when I was stabbed in the mouth with a pencil in high school… well the nurse gave me an icepack and sent me back to algebra…

These days, parents complain that the witch in the Disney movie “Snow White” is too scary (true story).

So were we just made of sturdier stuff?