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I'm packing up to leave Victoria soon. It's harder than I thought.

It's not sneaking up on us, and after Katrina, people are certainly in an uproar. Usually, I have tried so hard not to write about hurricanes or the usual disaster you may be reading elsewhere. I have always tried to give you dear readers a break from what is happening.

I wish that was the case tonight. Category 5 they say, Mother Nature doesn't grow them much bigger than that.

So now I'm packing, pictures of recent events give me worry. Hopefully, we'll all have something to come back to, if not... well losing things is hard for anyone... yeah, we all have our health, but come on man, I've got a packrat complex going on here.

So the packing begins... what to take for our two cars? Well the obvious, food, clothes, family... then the pictures, wedding pictures, pictures from my old bands, old heroes of mine and celebrities I have been lucky to meet on my travels... to prove to my kids that I was there... I belonged to something. The fliers and show posters on the wall, they will have to stay, I hope they are still here when I return.

What about my Cd's, last count, there were over 3000... Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Hank Williams Sr., The Clash, Ramones, MY bands' recordings... the box sets, the vynyls... Most is out of print, I know the essentials are more important... but I still feel a pang of something fierce when I move them to a secluded hallway in the center of the house.

And my books?? Most were gifts from people, some inspired me to be better than I am, my journals, and unfinished manuscripts... can't take them all, so choose wisely Tim. Taking my bible of course, it was a gift from my parents, my rosary that was blessed at Asissi on the way to Rome, and some buddha statues from India and China...

And of course my instruments... My harmonica (never forget Kelley), The guitar my wife gave me as a wedding gift, and my synthisizer which I wrote 3 albums worth of music on...

All of this is important to me, but if it can't get packed, my family will for certain.

I'm not sure when I'll write again, I'm not sure if anyone is even in town to read this, but I wish you all the best of luck.

God Bless you all... see you in a few days

Tim Oi was here.