Blogs » On Another Note » Advertising Doesn't Always Work II


You know what always cracks me up? Commercials. I’m not talking about professional ones either, although some ad campaigns are truly original. No, I’m talking about these regional and local jobs that find their way on TV and especially radio.

Radio has this habit of skit commercials. I think the time spent on writing the script was about half of someone’s lunch break. But the funny thing is, new ones pop up every day. So someone somewhere must think they work. For those who don’t know what type of skit commercial I’m talking about, let me give you the basic rundown of what I’m talking about…

Person #1: Hey Sue... Nice hair
Person #2: Thanks Joe… It’s because I know a secret!
Person #1: You have to tell me.
Person #2: Well I just happen to go to (insert business name here)
Person #1: (Business name)? Isn’t that the new place on (Insert address on Navarro Street here)
Person #2: YES!!! On (Address on Navarro Street) But it’s really busy, so I decided to call (Insert Phone number here) for information and an appointment.
Person #1: Wow! I wonder if (Business name) can do that good of a job on my hair.
Person #2: I’m sure they can Joe, after all (Business name) does poodles too because their new business on (address on Navarro Street) is so large they can do just about anything.
Person #1: Isn’t (address on Navarro Street) right up the road? I need to call (phone number of business) right now for an appointment.
Person #2: Yeah! Why don’t we go together and take advantage of (insert monthly special for 2 here)

Person #2 says cheesy business slogan during conversation and commercial ends.

This is not to be confused with the skit commercials Sonic puts out. Those are really funny. No… in bad skit commercials, you have to mention the name of the place, street address, and phone number at least 3 times each in what they attempt to be a “casual” conversation. Combined with wooden reading by most people who were probably terrified to read into a radio microphone, hilarity ensues.

Also let’s not forget the power of a catch phrase. How many times have I heard the phrase “Booming Port Lavaca”? While everyone seems to hate the accent on the word “booming” I guess we can’t deny it stuck in our heads like a bad top 40 song that won’t go away.

Local businesses… yes, I am available to write your next advertising disaster.