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You know what I like about the Advocate blogs? The writers and the readers seem to be pretty educated people. If they don’t know much about a topic, they confess they don’t and proceed with their opinions… I respect that. I am not by any means a professional of anything, I just happen to like the things I see and do, and comment about them from time to time.

Let’s review…I disagree with Bush on almost everything except for our home state. I disagree with Clinton on his views of fidelity in a marriage and dress codes in schools. I like my movies with a kicking soundtrack or a big explosion. I like my music frequent and in an endless supply. I hate authority but love structure. You will never get anywhere if you tell me I “have to” do something. I like science fiction, love my family, and I’ve got a turtle that is living out his days in an aquarium, but I just can’t find myself to part ways with him because he’s been the only roommate I’ve had that has lived in every house, apartment, and dwelling I have come across.

The rest of you bloggers… seem to be up on your stuff. Whether you are writing about tech gadgets, researching articles to share on the net, talking about books or local events… man that’s a real breath of fresh air.

I say that because, I have this other blog. It’s one I’ve kept online for about 3 years, but it’s not anything like the one here in the advocate. Sure, it’s got some observations, yeah, I mention some choice words I probably can’t type here, but it nothing like what I write for you guys. Mostly I mention stuff that I did that day, or what’s been going on. But for YOU GUYS… man I find myself wondering what to type. I wonder what the response will be. I try to get the pot stirred sometimes, but Tomaso was the king of that… and he was right, blogging is tough work. At least writing a blog for you readers…

You guys can keep a political, religious, or moral debate going for days…. For that I think that myself and the rest of the bloggers are thankful. And I appreciate my fellow writers here… I’m not sure how many hits we get to our little part of the Advocate’s website, but I do like the quality of responses we get, and the few personal emails I have received from some of you really make my day.