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I was going through the playlists on my Ipod recently, when a thought struck me... I wonder what kind of impression a person would get from me if they were to find my beloved music companion and clicked through it.
The playlists are usually labeled by mood or task… I have a few just called “Workout1” and “Workout 2” and so on for my morning gym visits. I have one called “Fight” which I like to have on when I hit the heavy bag, Another called “Walk” which is not for exercise at all, but rather when I want to clear my head. If they look up the genres or artists, they will likely be scrolling through numerous choices that may leave them feeling schizophrenic. Honestly, I think the Ipod was made for music lovers like me.

I guess that’s because I tend to make assumptions when I am In someone’s car or home and I sneak a peek at the various albums, Cds. Or DVD’s they have in their respective collections.

Before I was married, I used to give my perspective dates a “test”. In a bar… I would give them money for the jukebox… I wanted to see how they spent my money. If they ended up selecting “Margaritaville” or “Hotel California” I would probably not ask them out a second time because I felt as far as musical taste went, it was pretty vanilla. It was always an interesting exercise to say the least.