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The thing I love about blogs, is that they are not professional at all, there are no rules as to what you will and won’t say, prose and style can be left out the door. If you’re a guy like me who writes for other things and is constantly coming up with ideas, working them throwing them out the window, a handy little window to the world where I can just let words flow from my fingers without a second thought is so refreshing. So once again, let me break one of the greatest rules of blogging, and go off on different topics.

1. Sturgeon’s Revelation. I don’t know if anyone is familiar with Sturgeon’s Law, I read it in a science fiction reference book. Basically it refers to this guy, Theodore Sturgeon, who was a science fiction writer in the 50’s through 60’s, said “90% of everything is crud” and later reiterated “90% of science fiction is cr**”. If you apply that to your own writing… well that would mean that 90% of what the average writer does is poo. I can certainly believe that, after all who is my toughest critic except for myself, sometimes I even look back on past blogs which were written on the fly and think “What was I thinking??” I get to the moral of the post too quick or I’m short on the details, or I can just find myself rambling. (Sort of like now.) The only way to beat Sturgeon’s Revelation, is to write as much as you can, after all if 90% is poo… you just have to create a bigger 20% of the pot for yourself. (I’m pretty proud of my 20% sometimes)

2. Wilson Pickett died last week. I just wrote about Lou Rawls passing away, and now Pickett goes too. It’s sad really. I keep going back to a time period when R&B meant Rhythm and Blues, and music just sounded better. It was way before my time, but I like it anyway. I didn’t even think about it today until I was spinning one of his Cd’s on the way to work. Of course, almost everyone mentions his hit “Wait Till The Midnight Hour”, but he really has an impressive discography, I recommend you check him out if you never really listened to him or you don’t own a “greatest hits” of him in your collection. He is one of the great soul singers who can almost practically start yelling or screaming from too much soul in the system into the microphone and the recording makes you go “Wow… this guy is feeling it!” And he was, and too few singers “feel it” anymore. As Angie Stone said “You may be a performer, but you ain’t no singer… and you definitely ain’t no SOUL SINGER.”

3. I’ve heard blogging mentioned as a course in college this year. Can someone who is taking that class fill in the rest of us as to what is in that curriculum? I am dying to know. I’ve had a type of journal online for years now. (Livejournal rocks… I was a member back when you had to pay to use it) I’m curious if they define what a “blog” should look like or be. I’ve read a lot of blogs since I began writing them. I love to do it because anyone can have one now. I love to read what these people are saying, the more unprofessional and observant of the world the better…I find it absolutely nut that many people would rather read what Joe Schmo from down the street has to say rather than a professional editorial or writer. But I’ve also seen some bad ones. Mine, I like to think, is OK, but then again, I am not only my harshest critic, I also think I am an absolute genius….

Well back to the first draft/ final draft/ rambling thing… I think I am about done here for now…