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There is an old saying I used to hear that goes… “Behind every great man there is a great woman.” I’m not sure who originally said it, I just thought it was something that they used to say to make the First Ladies feel better when people talked about the president. I mean, after all, I was, for the first 27 years of my life, a pretty hip guy, no need to depend on anyone, living life to the fullest, kickin’ butt and taking names… But then, something strange happened that changed my life forever.

Little Timmy Oi, self appointed DIY music champion, teller of tall tales and full time adventurer fell in love.

The specifics of our courtship are long and detailed, filled with obstacles and great high points that would sell a million Nicholas Sparks novels. I’m not going to get into all of them here. But I’ll tell you this… On March 5th 2005, we cemented the deal and got married.

Our one year anniversary was yesterday.

Where do we stand now? Well, I’m still in love, but slowing down? No way. I like to think I’m still pretty hip, I only do part time adventuring these days, but I can still tell a pretty mean tale.
Being married to me, I’m sure my wife can say, is not the easiest task in the world… The quirks I seem to display in these blogs carry over to real life. When I get writers or creativity blocks with music or the stories I try to write, I can get awfully moody. I’m a terrible housekeeper, Star Wars and Sci Fi is a priority over almost everything, she hears about the drama in my band, my dislike of some performances, and when I take on a new project, she must endure my passion for it until it’s over…
So yes, behind every good man… at least in this case… there is indeed a great woman.

She has done more for me these past 3 years than I could have ever imagined. She has been my crutch to lean on during very trying times, but also has been around to experience some of the happiest times we have yet to live so far in life. Our love has not grown stagnant, I hope it never does. I can still look at her across a room and feel like a boy with a crush. They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, but I can think of all the things we have experienced in this “settling in” period of our life and know that everything is worth it. I have no regrets or wonders about “What If?” because I know whatever it is we decide to do, we will support each other in those decisions.

She came with an added bonus too… Her daughter. The idea of being an instant parent may be scary to some, but for me, it was like putting on a pair of shoes that just seemed to fit. If there has been anything missing in my life, my stepdaughter fills it. Her skill for making songs and dancing alone in her room or making up stories while looking at pictures, fills me with such pride and appreciation for youth, that I never want her to grow up, or at least for know.

So for my two shining stars… Let me do something that very few people in town have the opportunity to do, post this in my blog where anyone cares to can read it and know that love makes the world go around.

Sometimes the ugly kid asks the pretty girl to dance, sometimes she says yes.