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This afternoon, legendary soul singer Isaac Hayes was found dead in his home near a treadmill. He was 65.

Even if you are not a soul music fan, you have in some way probably experienced a little Hayes in your life. From his music, to his award winning “Shaft” theme song, to his stint in movies, and even as the character “Chef” in South Park… He was a talent and someone that will be missed.

As the years go by, we lose the greats. A little more and more each year. They will soon be erased with made for TV top 40 prepackaged groups and music stores who are paid well enough to keep spoon feeding us the stuff they think we should hear.

So take some time, slap on one of his records, or download a song. If you like it, check out more soul music. STAX, the label Hayes was on is a good place to start.