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I can just picture my hatemail now... but here goes.

Tropic Thunder seems to be under a lot of fire for use of the “R” word. (Retarded)

Special Olympics chairman Tim Shriver and Special Olympian Loretta Claiborne talked about the “Tropic Thunder” controversy on Good Morning America. They find the movie and use of the words offensive. Moviegoers seem to find the controversy overrated.

The weird thing about comedy movies, is that… well it is supposed to be funny. So we have to decide what borders on funny, and just plain mean. And the great thing about America is that if we don't like it, we certainly can speak with our own actions (No one is forcing us to pay 7.75 to see a movie fella)

I guess I can connect similar things, I am not by any means a thin frail boy, In Texas we grow everything big, but I didn’t get angry at movies like Shallow Hal, Nutty Professer, Norbit, or Wall-E for it’s portrayal of fat people.

I don’t want to sue the makers of the Selena movie for it's portrayal of hispanics everywhere. Thanks to that movie, whenever I travel to the midwest people think I carry hotsauce on a holster in my belt, wear a hairnet and drive a lowrider. (Edward James Olmos barely redeemed himself with Battlestar Galactica)

We make fun of old people, foreigners, nerds, socially awkward kids, and even overly tanned people in movies… Quite honestly the best job in the world must be to be a comedian because you can say just about anything on stage and probably get an HBO special whereas in the office you would just get a trip to the unemployment line.

We should sue the makers of Scary Movie 1-3, Meet the Spatans, Disaster Movie, etc and anything the Wayans Brothers do for making all of America look stupid. (They make ‘em, and someone keeps buying the damn tickets)

I guess the whole thing is… well…  you know.. sort of the "r-word"