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I’m getting ready to leave in 2 days to go to Seattle for the PAX convention. I’ll be going with the crew. While I will techinically be “working” don’t feel sorry for me. I’ll be walking around, and getting into all sorts of mischief. Then on the last day, I made sure to tell the site editor I wanted to play tourist.

So in review… there will be videogames… a bunch of drunk gamers from Texas… and me (just a drunk)

Here's a survival guide for nerd conventions:

#1 wear comfy shoes- you’ll be walking more than you think

#2 have a plan of action- there is a lot to do, see, and try out so having a plan once you get there is a good thing

#3 don’t forget the little guys… Sure there are some big name people who are the guests of honor and the rockstars of the con, but the most interesting people are the new underrated guys. They are the ones that are hungry for it

#4 bring a backpack or something to lug stuff around. Nerd culture means stuff… often free stuff… take that stuff home

I'm stoked so far. We have appointments to talk with EA games, an activision model, a screening of a documentary, and many other things. (I can't wait to try out this upcoming Iron Chef demo for Wii)

Sent off some interview questions today. For Gary Jules. I’m stoked about it. He’s a cool cat, I’m glad he agreed to it.