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Well with one day left to go in wildcard voting, and our band only being at around 1%we are officially dropping ourselves out of the race.

It's been a hard long road... we knew when we played Dallas, it was probably going to be the end of the road for us... and to be honest we knew we couldnt afford to go to Chicago... We would have had to pay our own way (Bodog seems intent on letting us spend a million dollars before we won it)

While the call of reality TV and a million dollars was certainly fun and exciting. The biggest thrill was knowing that a little band from this small town was only one show away from being on the FUSE network and getting signed.

Obviously being signed isnt important. A million dollars is not important, and even TV and minute fame is not important.

What was important was that for a few months, our friends and fans were behind us 100%, and we were excited to go as far as we could and play awesome shows, great stages, meet great bands.

We are proud. We want to take the time to thank Bodog, and all our friends for a fun ride. (Josh joined the band after leaving, we became a tighter unit, a better stage show, we got to play clubs that would have never let us in the first place)

So what's next? Shows my friend. A new CD, and getting back to our roots, playing with punk bands and indie bands... We couldnt be happier, and hope you stay with us as we enter our 3rd year of existence next month.


Thanks to the Advocate, local radio stations, and friends for spreading the word.