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Today is the 4th of July and while we should all take a little time to reflect about being in a wonderful free country, my coworker yesterday suggested that we all take some time to practice a little independence ourselves.


I agree, why wait for New Year’s Day to come back for us to feel the need to change something in our lives? If there is something in your life you find yourself a slave to, or something that is bringing you down, maybe practicing a little independence and cutting it out of your life isn’t such a bad thing. (Within reason of course)


As for myself, in the last few months I have been practicing a television free existence by slowly cutting things out. I didn’t upgrade my television, I have been cable free since January, and this month, I have taken the ultimate step and cancelled my NetFlix subscription. That’s right dear reader! No longer shall I be a slave to that little red envelope in the mail.


If I want to watch a movie I must first have, (a) the time to do so, and (b) a means to do it. I’ll either go watch one in a theater (which involves leaving the house) or rent one, (which also involves leaving the house). I don’t see this happening all that often.


Life is too short, to sit in front of a box and be spoon fed entertainment. Sure I like to de-stress after a long day like anyone else, but lately, it feels more like a herd mentality we have been sucked into, I would rather go out, and see this big beautiful world, and my place in it.


Happy 4th everyone.