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Making the news headlines today is the prospect of Sega Toys new “Robot Girlfriend” which is sadly enough marketed towards lonely adult men…

But wait! Its not really what you think. It’s a 15 inch transformer looking female robot which looks more like a toy than a girl.

It’s supposed to be able to dance for you (thats kind of creepy in a car accident sort of way) and can even hand out business cards for you. It also kisses anyone in the room on command.

Designers say it’s supposed to act like a “real girlfriend” and is “really sweet”

And that’s where Japan messed up dudes.

Ways Robot Girlfriend isnt like a real girlfriend:

1. She’s 15 inches tall. She’ll probably cheat on you with your own Boba Fett Figure

2. She hands out your business cards. In America we call the girls we cant have muses, we call the ones we have “destroyers of dreams” not supporters (joking ladies, you know we are bumblin fools without ya)

3. She Kisses everyone in the room. (just out of the box and already cant commit!)

So if she's imported, does that make her a cheaper mail order bride?  While I love robots (no pun intended) I think it should look a little better than an upgraded "Idog"