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Popular photo site “Flikr” is going to partner with “Getty” images in a unique way. Getty is going to search through the photo site and look for pictures that may have some sort of media value. (Think websites, newspapers, magazines, advertisements) Getty will contact the amatuer picture taker and solicit the photog into licensing the picture. The profit of the sale will be divided. (hey you knew there had to be a middle man somewhere)

It was just a few days ago, “citizen jounralists” were under fire for offering biased and unreliable info on the web. Indeed most news purists do not see blogging as a form of information at all. But it is interesting that they would want your pictures. In a way, the internet is bringing back the free press. I’m not talking about that freedom of speech thing you hear about in court cases. I’m talking about the zines from the eighties and even the pamphlets in revolutionary times that spoke out against a tyrannical government. Only now, the powers that be want to buy your pictures. Well, if they want to pay me for snapping a shot of the world’s biggest pecan, so be it