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Every once and a while, something pops up in our quiet little town that really catches my eye. Sometimes it's a little hole in the wall restaraunt, sometimes it is a band that gets me stoked, and sometimes... it's a candy store.

Did I say that? Yeah, I guess I did.

It might seem strange to you, that smack in the middle of Victoria is an off little candy store that is getting more of it's popularity for music that the sugar it sells.

If you walk into this place, the first thing you will notice is that it is a far cry from that Willy Wonka shop in the old movie, but dont worry, what they lack in singing store clerks they make up for it in quantities of rock and roll.

The shop sells underground vynyl, local Cds of bands, locally printed tshirts, jewelry, pins and of course, candy. They also have a room for local underground artist to showcase their art and hock their wares.

Sure they realize the avereage music shopper probably doesnt want to go out and by an obscure "Ghouls Night Out" LP, but the beauty about a town the size of Victoria is that someone here does.

Besides the candy, art and records, the store also features bands on various weekends... for free.

That means sometimes you can catch local and out of town bands... for an intimate setting.

Sure it may not appeal to everyone, I get that. You wont see the average young adult top 40 listener there. Rock and Roll.... REAL rock and roll doesnt appeal to everyone. It never did. Even in the 50s it was described as loud fast and out of control.

It is neat that there is a place in Victoria that celebrates that spirit... and the candy aint bad either.