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I am not now, nor have I ever been what you would call a "green" person.

I prefer big American Steel, to little fragile hybrids. I don't recycle.

It's never been my thing. I even bought my brand new truck because let's face it, I could get it for a song right now.That was of course until gas soared almost a dollar in a few weeks.

So I took a few extra bucks and decided that I was going to buy a bicycle. Oh yes... I was going out and buying a bike, and I was gonna go GAS FREE baby.

That didn't last long.

Here's why:


Riding a bike, is a great romantic idea. You think about all the money you're going to save on gas, you think about the great shape you're going to be in. You just know all the chicks are going to swoon because hey... you my friend are a sensitive eco friendly guy and you have it together. (Secretly hiding the fact that you have a black and chrome gas guzzling creature at home.)

The truth is.. riding a bike (especially if you havent ridden one since you got your driver's license all those years ago) is tough work. It's excercise, that's why biking athletes are in shape. Did we forget to mention the fact that you are picking up this hobby in the first days of summer ol' chap? Nope, must have forgotten to put that in the brochure.


Victoria isn't very friendly with biking enthusiasts. I mean sure, you can ride your bike in the park, but the park isn't the road to work, and if trying to cross the street of my apartment to get to my road to work is a little like the video game "Frogger" Add the not so nice motorists who honk because you are in their road (Heeeyyy buddy, a bike is a vehicle too...) This can be downright discouraging.

I'm not giving it up. But I'm taking baby steps getting used to riding longer distances and discovering alternate neighborhoods to cut through and trying to avoid Victoria's unfriendly streets and roads for bicycles. The bike was a lot easier to pay off than the truck thank you. Don't get me wrong though, the truck helps... it hauls the darn thing to the park.