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I was thinking about Dads today. Father’s Day is coming up, and while I will be like most everyone else and crowding up the greeting card aisle, I know I’m lucky.


The past 3 years, I have seen 3 close friends have the pain of losing their own fathers. It makes you reflect. Stop and take notice of how lucky I have it.


Life saw it fit to bring me a real dad. A father, and someone I respect. He taught me the value of an honest day’s work, and the joy of a little time off to yourself. We may not always see eye to eye on everything, but he has always backed me up, even when he was disappointed in me and my life decisions. (It’s been 30 years and I know I have not been the easiest son to deal with)


So I think about my own dad, when I see my friends grieve over their fathers. I think about all the life lessons he taught me, I think about how hard it would be to know that a major hero would be gone. So I count my blessings, and I make it a point to see him all the time. (He then spends an hour or so trying to put me to work and I spend the same amount of time dodging the attempt. Ahh… father/son bonding)


It wasn’t until I had a family of my own I think I appreciated him more. When my little one is afraid of something and clings close by, or the quiet moments we spend on those rare days there is no homework for her or blockbuster comics to script for me. Everyone needs a dad. I’m glad I’m there for her, and I’m glad my dad is still there for me.


This blog doesn’t have a point or agenda. I’m not trying to get you to vote for anyone or complain about something the city is doing (I’ll do that later) It’s purely meant to express my appreciation for my father and dads everywhere. In the coming days, it is my hope that many more people will post their own blogs about father’s day and mine will be lost among the others, probably only to be read by my own dad. I hope that happens. Because that means you feel the same way about yours as I do about mine.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.