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I’m a little concerned about the new trash pick up we have going around Victoria. My neighborhood has not converted yet, and I’m hoping it does not anytime soon.


The idea of having someone tell me how much trash I can generate in a week is not appealing to me. As a matter of fact, any form of authority telling me how much trash I CAN generate after I pay for the service sort of seems… well… kind of Un-American.


I realize that the city is doing this to make things “more efficient” and to “cut costs” because after all that is the bottom line. But I am not a fan of cutting jobs either. Why don’t we cut costs somewhere else? I’m sure a few of us laymen could figure something out.


I am not a fan of doing something because it will take less manpower. I think of those lines at the supermarket where you can check out your own groceries. I think it takes longer than usual to go through one of those…but hey as long as they don’t have to pay one more extra kid minimum wage, I guess it’s an expense that is justified.