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If you are looking for something interesting to do, or if you have always been curious to see what other bands do besides covers, you may want to check out Victoria's Underground Music show today. It kicks off this afternoon and runs till the wee hours of the night.

The show features almost every local underground punk, hardcore, metal, etc. band that Richie could find, and you can check out tons of bands for about 3 bucks. That's a good deal even if you're not into all of the bands. (Special bonus... yours truly and his rag tag group of Luchadores will be playing tonight as well)

I need shows like this. As a fan of all types of music, it lets me browse, sample, and see what the youngin's are doing. My life would be dull if I stopped listening to music made after '94


line up as follows @Sun Valley Ranch today

400-445 star foxx
445-530 cutoff midway
530-615 skate death
615-700 count your dead
700-745 stronger then all
745-830 southern point
830-915 ar-15
915-1000 set trip
1000-1045 Luchadores
1045-1130 dff
1130-1215 brazen altar