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Comic Book artist, Michael Turner passed away Friday after a battle with cancer that lasted on and off for many years. He was 37.


He was probably best known for his work on “Witchblade” but did work for both Marvel and DC. His style was best known for many notable comic book covers, and even the popular resurgence of “Supergirl” in the “Superman/Batman” title a few years back.

When he was healthy, he was often a fixture in several comic book conventions (I had the pleasure of meeting him in Chicago last year, and had him sign a few things)


Even though he died at a young age, he was often seen as a driving force in comics. (I swear that the design of the Hulk in his new movie was totally ripped off of Turner’s work even though I have never seen that comment made.) He also helped make smaller company TOP COW a better known company with his art in their flagship titles, as well as his company, Aspen.


It’s sad to me. Comic artists are never really seen for what they are… artists. There work lives on and inspires Hollywood to make movies and Saturday morning cartoons, but slowly as the digital age takes over and information becomes more and more readily available, print media is slowly dying out. With it, a form of art (comics) is going slowly too. And with that, comic artists and writers can slowly go away without getting the praise they should deserve. (FYI America, there are more comic creators than Stan “the man” Lee)