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The past few months, the band has been

1. recovering from Bodog

2. Writing new stuff

3. Making lineup changes


It's been a weird few months, and we found ourselves with a fork in the road. Music being such a big part of our lives, it was no contest that Bodog was never meant to be the "high point" of our band. It was simply something we did to get a little more well known, play in some neat clubs, and have an excuse to hype our band.

The last month or so has been dedicated to getting back to the basics. More shows, more music, more friends. That's what we always wanted out of this anyway.

If you play all the time, but don't enjoy it.. who cares?

But if you play with all the heart and passion in the world. They notice. There may be only 30 people in that bar, but they notice.

I guess that's true on just about anything.