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After a few month's hiatus, I have returned to the Advocate blog spot with a few new notches of wisdom.

I was not sure when I would return, since I began to notice a trend in these blogs.

A lot of them are being used to carry out our own personal agendas (and hey, I'm no different, You'll see me plugging my band and music numerous times) and while every blog and blogger is unique and different, I guess the feel of these blogs have changed since the Advocate went "myspace lite"

Here is what I have learned...

1. I need this blog. I need it to become a better writer. The fact there is no editor or rewrites gives me freedom to do whatever I want, and hopefully get a readership doing it, because let's face it Vicky T, I'm a downright interesting person who in fact leads a strange life, and I need to share that with the world to share my own narcissistic needs

2. Just because I can blog about anything, doesnt mean I should. While I will probably always plug the band, I need to do it less. It cheapens the blog, and I dont want you to think I am doing this soley to push my band... they are awesome by themselves. I think most people can learn from this too, if I ran this just to talk about my own agenda, it means i am a)probably not interesting enough and need to make up for it or b) really need a new hobby... and c) probably already preaching to the choir.

3.I need to focus on what I used to do...

When I first started these blogs, I had ideas... stories lined up. I was going to interview bands and post them, I was going to post random pictures and start conversations and rants to get people talking.

I can still do that. I need to do that. Just because the feel of the atmposphere has changed since the blogs first started (they used to print them weekly.. how cool is that?) doesnt mean that I need to change what I was doing.

So to recap...

less agenda, more substance.

Keep it interesting.

Before I go... let me break one of my own rules and tell you about my music:

I wrote some new songs for my solo project you can check them out.

they are the first three songs on this myspace profile


catch ya on the flipside.