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If you asked me what was the best show I've seen the last 30 days… I'd have to tell you hands down, it was Pep Torres.


Pep Torres is one of my favorite latin rockabilly acts. Make no mistake, this isn't a Stray Cats or Ritchie Valens cover act, this guy is the real deal. Awesome stage show, killer band, and a lot of fun.


Texas is a lucky hidden gym when it comes to underground music. There are several healthy subcultures that are congregating in small clubs and bars all over the state. The rockabilly scenes in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas are a great example of a good time… greasers, dancing, and Lone Star fly abundant.


I had the pleasure of meeting Pep the day of his Houston show May 10th. He showed up at a friend's house about 5 in the morning after his Austin gig, and the next morning, while watching Alien 3, we talked about Glam Metal bands and went to Breakfast.

That night, in a tiki themed wedding reception, he gave the show of a lifetime, and I was glad to see it.

You just cant find music or a show like that everyday…


Video is of Pep in San Antonio  2007