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A month or so ago…

I went with the crew to an independent media convention called Staples, looking for things that caught our eye…

Boy did we find it.

I had the pleasure of meeting a man called “Lord Vile” who is billed as Austin’s own supervillain. His group was in the convention actively recruiting henchmen.

It’s tough to say what his organization is really about. Is it a Chaos based organization which plans major distractions in public areas? Is it really a charitable group (they are actively raising money to save a species of endangered grey wolves)… or is he truly the head of a super evil organization bent on taking over the world?

After enrolling as a hencmen myself (I got a nifty ID card and a hencmen ID #466!) I asked him myself…

“In general.. we challenge conformity,” Vile says. “Everyone has a sense that something is wrong, it’s more apathetic than political, but they all know. The trick the administration has pulled, is they keep trying to tell us what that thing is. These expectations are keeping us from who we can be.” “Many of the actions and missions we do involve challenging people’s assumptions, challenging their preconceptions of doing things the way they are used to doing them.”


Is he for real? Talking to him… he truly sounds genuine, mad, or a very good actor.


“We have minions all over.. as far as Australia, for some reasons the Australians love us…” He then talked briefly of the different ranks that are involved in his organization.. he then told me that yes they promote from within, but it’s more than a fictional sense, they actually have something called “Vile Industries” which is a henchmen started and run collection of different jobs and employment.


It’s not all fun and games… “If I was just playing Lord Vile like people play Santa Claus on Christmas, it would be a different story. If all of the missions we did were fictional and all put on youtube for laughs, it would be different, but we do some real things. Some of it is fictional and ridiculous, I am standing here in a cape, I am fully aware of how I look. I CHOOSE to look like this in a comic convention. So yes, we do not break the law, sometimes we bend it.”


SO why Villainy in this day in age? A lot of heroes seem to represent the status quo. Boring. Follow the rules. America seems to pride itself on individuality and creativity, but mainstream America is usually the first to criticize someone for breaking the mold. It truly does take a villain to break out of the Clark Kent mode of thinking, shake things up and be heard. Funny thing about villains… they may not always win, but you sure do remember them.


You can join Vile's henchmen by signing up at the following link: