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Everyone from P DIDDY to Seth Rogan is telling you to vote... I'm saying if you cant even tell me who the vice president is, dont bother.

Our nation is bad enough without having your dumb *** trying to decide our future. If you don't know the issues, or know nothing about the economy, world stage, etc. I don't want you to vote.

If you don't know who the Governor of Texas is
If you don't know how many Senators we have
If you don't know the difference between Iraq or Iran (that means you Alan Jackson)

Dont Vote.

Seriously, let the grown ups handle it, go back to your reality TV watching world where the only election you are really interested in is who is voted off dancing with the stars.  We got this without you.

I know all the big stars are telling you it is your duty to vote. But I'm telling you it is your duty to be a little knowledgable before you do, and let's face it, a majority of you aren't willing to do it.