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Am I the only one around that feels we needed better local news coverage by our local TV stations?

I mean, I had to tune into Houston and San Antonio stations to get info on places a few hours away. Not to mention local weather advisories.

But whenever I switched to our local ABC affiliate, I never even saw a text crawl on the bottom of the screen.

I think it's really sad. We had people in our area with families there, we had people in our region who were fleeing the storm, not to mention plant workers who work near the coast, and we couldn't even give our guests and people who stayed here in our area updates.

I mean... I guess I'm just a layman but SA news sent people around and they were farther away, did live shots, and when they couldn't they piggy backed off of other sister stations in the area (isn't that what affiliates do?)

Sad to say, when I awoke Saturday morning to see if we got any winds we were expecting, all I got was a Hanna Montana episode on the Victoria station, and had to tune into San Antonio and  CNN of all things to get footage, news and updates.

SO the next time that Victoria television station group wants to advertise they are on top of things with their big bad 6 tv stations, I would like to call shennanigans on them. If they can take the time to make cooking segments in the mornings and low budget high school football shows on Friday nights, they can take the time to break in every hour or so to let locals know what is going on.

Too bad they are the only game in town... that's why I broke my TV addiction, I'm sad this storm made me start watching again.

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