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I haven't written in this blog in over 7 months. It's bad form in my part, because I originally started this blog to open lines of communication with readers who normally wouldn't check my other pages. So on that subject... I apologize. I have reasons for not writing. Since National Novel Writing month last November I have been doing the second and third draft of the novel I wrote and am looking foward to self publishing. I also took some time out to go to more conventions with the busygamer crew (we're heading back to PAX Seattle in a couple of months) and a personal trip to Europe was also in the cards. But the biggest thing, is the surfacing of my new (old) project. Sometime last year I posted a blog asking people if they wanted to play in a project I had going on called "The Loveletter". It is a big departure from my punk rock projects, a total labor of love, and very personal to me. After months of practicing, playing shows and recording, we have been slowly and steadily releasing our music to the world over the internet gaining a few fans at a time. It has enabled us to play the music we like, the way we like. While it is very different from most of the indie music played in the local area... it keeps our bonds with our brother and sister local bands strong. An identity is good, I'm proud to say that all the bands we associate with keep theirs. Here is a video we shot with Willaim Scott... "Crash Like 1929"