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So a few days back... I wrote about using this blog to document my progress with the musical we are working on. It is my hope that if I constantly check back with my status to the fine readers of Victoria, that I will force myself to finish when it gets rough, and believe me... I've never taken on anything like this, so it's pretty rough.

I don't pretend to be some awesome writer (OK I do but we all know I'm a hack) with that, I've never had to do a script besides a comic book script.. and that's OK. But a play? A musical? That's just silly.

It seems easy enough... Write some songs.. Make up a story... get your friends to help you with a story to tie it together. I mean, sure the songs are all based on something, they already tell a story right? Rigggghhht.

The story is the hardest part. It all sounds gravy tell you do it. We went through a hundred different possibilities... we even settled on a situational drama that constantly changed. The thing is. It's not just a concert with some skits in it. If I want people to really like the songs... it has to have some story and substance to back it. Even with the idea we had, I still felt the holes and didn't know where to begin.

Then one day, I was going through my text messages and came across my friend Marshall from Austin. Marshall Galactic plays in a band called The Frontier Brothers. I met them when I played with the Luchadores. We became fast friends, and did some shows with them. I've had them come in Victoria a few times, and they have helped us out on tour with show hookups in Austin. (Both with the Luchadores and The Loveletter) Since I've known them, their band has gotten pretty popular, has toured through New York a few times, gotten blurbs in national magazines like SPIN, and even appeared on MTV as SXSW darlings here and there.

Well they have this song called "T.E.S.S." (techinicalelectronicsupersonic robot) It's catchy and about a guy in love with a robot. All of a sudden.. without giving too much away I will reveal in later blogs... I had my idea for a story. What's more I immediately contacted the band to see if we could use the TESS character in the play...

They agreed. And they also agreed to let us rerecord and perform TESS as well

So now.. I have an awesome story... my band's awesome music, and a special tribute to an up and coming indie band... things as they say... are looking up...

Here's a youtube vid of the frontier brothers performing TESS taken a few years back...