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Almost everyday I call my dad as I head to work just to chat. He promptly tells me what the weather is like as if he weren't in Houston, as if we were thousands of miles apart. Then, he complains about the headache that is his daily commute to work and how he has to rise at about 5 a.m. to beat it each day.

It is a constant reminder of how lucky I am that it takes me about three minutes to drive from my apartment to the Advocate, especially when I have to hustle to some breaking news assignments.

That got me thinking about a recent workshop I attended at San Antonio College that was put on by the Census Bureau. Its workers are trying to get the message across that they do more than simply conduct a head count every four years or so.

Participants learned how to navigate its cumbersome website, which now provides a wealth of knowledge in everything from that nation's housing characteristics to economic trends.

Like, did you know that an estimated 24 percent of workers in Victoria County travel for 10 minutes to get to work each day and an estimated 16 percent leave between 7:30 a.m. and 7:59 a.m.?

Here are some other random facts about Victoria County from 2010:

- An estimated 3,627 men are divorced and an estimated 4,363 women are divorced.

- There were an estimated 1,344 grandparents responsible for their grandchildren under the age of 18.

- There are an estimated 36 people here with Ukrainian ancestry, but most people in Victoria County claim to have German roots (some 18,565).

- An estimated 81,614 people out of Victoria County's estimated 86,410 population are natives.

That last one really struck me as unusual. That's a lot of people sticking around. So, I wanted to pose this question - If you're native to the region, why do you think the Crossroads is such a great place to live? Is it because of its close proximity to San Antonio, Houston and Austin or are there a lot of things to do here?

I'm still somewhat of a newbie.

Happy Tuesday.