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I'm working on a story this week about a retired couple that traps beloved pets in their backyard that they say are ruining their vegetable garden. They take them to the Victoria County Animal Control, but said they've also dropped them off in a wooded area near the loop, Highway 77 and the Guadalupe River.

The couple applauded a recent increase in a fee Animal Control levies on an owner to get their cat back. They hope it will teach their neighbors to be more responsible and that stricter regulations may be on the way.

Before doing some research for this issue, I didn't know it was legal to trap domesticated animals if you don't want them to be your property.

When I lived in Temple, my apartment manager required residents leash their cats if they wanted to bring them outside. At the time, I thought how absurd!

Growing up, my family had four cats. All of them were outdoor and indoor cats. They kind of came and went as they pleased. They never strayed too far away for too long and as far as I know never bothered anyone.

I didn't think at the time we were being irresponsible by letting them roam. I just thought it was in a cat's nature to do so.

I decided to check out what the laws are here in Victoria, and I will be exploring that more in my story.

I know recently the city had some pitbull attacks and in response adopted a dangerous dog ordinance.

But do you think cats pose the same kind of threat? Do you think cats should be kept on a leash or kept inside the house? Is it in anyway challenging to put a cat on a leash?

Like I said, I'm still working on the story, but I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this issue.