Blogs » On the Docket » Federal judiciary could shut down Oct. 17


The Southern District of Texas recently released a statement that it has enough funds to operate through the end of the work week, Oct. 17.

It will reassess then.

I previously wrote that toward the end of the week Judge Gregg Costa would be holding telephone conferences about three civil cases.

I have not heard back from the attorney representing the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit involving the Sanctuary at Costa Grande in Calhoun County regarding how a shutdown could affect their case against some banks, but will update you when I do.

The National Law Journal reports that as of Oct. 11, at least two dozen federal district courts and 13 appellate courts had publicly declared all employees essential, which means they will continue to be paid and business will go on as usual.

The chief judges who make these decisions do not submit their shutdown plans to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget like other agencies do, the journal reports.