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This is just a friendly reminder to those who follow court cases in the Crossroads. I try to keep an updated calendar of when criminal or civil matters are scheduled to be discussed in the courtroom. You can find it by clicking here or you can email me at with any questions you have about a particular case. I will try my best to find the answer for you. It is always helpful when readers remind me about cases because I may have overlooked them. Please don't be shy.

Here are some things I learned visiting the courthouse today:

  • Judge Jack Marr, who is presiding over a case involving Bearly Beginning Day Care Center, has decided that if the plaintiff wants to add additional parties to the case, they must do so by May 2. Discovery, also known as gathering evidence, must end on Oct. 13 and the trial is tentatively scheduled to begin on Nov. 3.

If you'll remember, we've written about Bearly Beginning Day Care Center before:

Familes sue Victoria day care center over alleged neglect, assault State investigating Victoria day-care center after abuse allegations

I got information for my first story by using a tool on Department of Family and Protective Services' website that's available to you, too. You look up the name of the establishment and you can get a report card of sorts by visiting this website:

  • Remember when armed sheriff's deputies stood outside the Victoria County courthouse? They were providing extra security because a gang member already convicted of two life sentences was scheduled to appear before a judge. Joe Mendoza still faces two counts of attempted murder and five counts of engaging in organized criminal activity, but his trial date has not been set.

It looks like though that several other convicted felons have been subpoenaed to the courthouse about the case since then.

The sheriff's office filed some travel expense reports. It says it spent $1,451.39 to transport Joe Brian Martinez, Mario Esteban Canchola, Marcus Anthony Perez and Raul Moreno Gonzales to the county from various Texas prisons.