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Only in Victoria do we close off one of the best parts of Riverside Park. Not only that, but we only allow a few cars to park at a time in the park with all the poles lining the street. The park used to be a gathering place for many people, but it has been reduced to a place to drive through. I still think it is one of the most beautiful parks, but we seem to be wasting it instead of using it. Every newcomer always raves about the size and scenery. I commence to tell them about how it used to be vibrant every weekend. It was completely open with ample parking. We had bands play free concerts. Where are the bands and festivals? Now with parts shut down and about 1 parking space per picnic table, no one visits anymore. Very sad. I play disc golf out there all the time and enjoy what we have left. But I can't help but wonder why Victoria doesn't open their eyes and make some use of it..........only in victoria