Blogs » Random thoughts » Guns on Texas college campuses


I read a news story online about Texas law makers trying to pass a bill through legislation that will allow college students/administration officials to carry a concealed handgun. "Wow" was my first reaction; "You have got to be kidding me?" was my second.

Now, I can see how people would want to protect themselves, which is why Texans (meeting the proper requirements, of course) have the ability to carry concealed handguns. But on establishments of higher education? With the tragedies that happened at Virginia Tech, Dawson College and UT, I can see why this bill is trying to pass. But is this what we really need? This world has become so arbitrarily angry. What's next? Churches? Hospitals? The office? I don't think so. I don't want some random person thinking I'm about to cause them harm when I'm in a bad mood and may vocally express it. I don't want someone who has a concealed handgun thinking I'm about to do damage because I'm PMS-ing and am an emotional wreck. I don't want to read about an individual who was just expressing their opinions in class and got shot because another student thought they were a danger to them or thought their views were too militant. This is how paranoid our society has become and will become.

Why don't campuses think more along the lines getting more security officials or metal detectors placed at the entrances of buildings? I don't want to see gun holsters offered in college campuses bookstores alongside blue books or scantrons. I read a discussion posting on this very subject matter, and I was more frightened of the mentality of those who wanted this bill to pass. They were so passionate in their "I will get them before they get me" thinking that it made me uneasy of them having the ability to carry a gun lawfully.

Please, Texas legislation, think about what you are doing. In my opinion, I honestly don't think this is the correct method to stop violence on college campuses. There are always other options that will help students concentrate more on their learning, which it should be about, than carrying a gun.