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A weekend trip to visit my family in Laredo got me thinking about the season. Texas Decembers are ... well, they're strange. I was clad in a sweater at the beginning of last week, but by Friday even my long-sleeved T-shirt made me swelteringly hot.

You see, after nearly 10 years in the Lone Star state, I still miss the snow.

I was pulling into the family's driveway on Saturday when I noticed the mother of all tumbleweeds had made its way into our yard and sat imposingly in front of the gate. It was big. And the first thought that came to mind was “Mom’s gonna love this.”

Ever since we moved to “the land of all that is warm,” my mom’s had big plans to create a tumbleweed snowman - hey, you do what you can, right? I’m not sure where she first got the idea - probably a greeting card or something - but I’ve heard her talk several times about gathering three of those rolling, twiggy beings, - I’m still not really sure where they come from - stacking them up, dressing them in a scarf and setting it out for all to see.

But I hope they kept that tumbleweed around. At least now we know she’s one-third of the way to her goal. And I think it’ll be cute - once we figure out how to stack them securely on top of one another. I guess we’ll see.

Now the only problem is figuring out where to keep the thing.