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It's among the most memorable days of  woman's life, the day the focus is on her and she becomes joined to her true sweetheart for - at least she hopes - forever. Her wedding.

And while I'm all for spending wisely on the big day, this might be taking it a bit far.

The Associated Press reported on Jennifer Cannon's recent wedding in a Times Square restroom. And if that wasn't strange enough, her dress was made of toilet paper.

Designed by Hanah Kim, the winner of's 2007 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, the dress looks amazingly "real."

So what do you all think about this? You can check out the contest and designs here or get the full AP story here. In my opinion, these things are pretty impressive, although I'm not sure I'd go the biodegradable route myself - just think about what a drop of rain could mean!

Oh, and according to the article, as the matrimonial ceremony came to a close and it came time for the duo to share that ever-so-important first kiss, the officiant said, "You may kiss the bride, but please don't squeeze the Charmin dress."