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The thought struck me as I reached past the mini juice boxes, for a bottle of water in my best friend's refrigerator: art isn't just there to make the world prettier, although it certainly does. It can also teach you something.

See, as I grabbed that water I came face to face with my 3-year-old goddaughter's latest preschool creation - the letter "i." That light blue piece of paper tacked up so carefully was covered with perhaps too much paste, but featured a capital and lowercase "i," formed out of cut pieces of paper.

When I thought about it, I realized education through art makes a lot of sense. It channels that creative portion of your brain that listening to a lecture or reading simply can't tap in the same way. It forces you to think outside the box and very likely will help you to remember the underlying meaning a bit more.

Obviously this isn't the first time anyone's thought this. If art didn't matter you wouldn't have sat through the weekly class in elementary school and it's likely our paper wouldn't be full of the color graphics our artists work so diligently on. It's just a point I had never looked much in to.

Now in all honesty I'm not sure my goddaughter could tell you that "i" is for ice cream or igloo, but that time will come. For now, that little girl with the bouncy pigtails can sure tell you how much fun she had working on that project and will probably go into gory detail when she describes how she got the glue all over her hands. And at least we know that lesson sparked something in her.

So next time you're jotting down notes and find yourself doodling on the nearest legal pad, it might not be your short attention span shining through. It could be your way of subconsciously making sure that ever-important information doesn't slip your mind.