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It's October and it only seems fitting that an arts and crafts blog include a bit about that glorious gourd, that sensational squash, that omega of orange vegetables: the pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving is just something you have to do at this time of the year. At least, if you're a holiday addict like me. It's kind of like those candy hearts that come out at Valentine's Day. I don't necessarily love them or crave them, but they're a seasonal necessity.

There's obviously a variety of ways to carve a jack-o-lantern. Some people opt for the pre-designed patterns you can purchase from the stores and some prefer free-hand. I've used the patterns for the past couple of years and have really liked the outcomes, but I think I'm going to tap into my creative side this time around and see what happens.

My jack-o-lanterns, unfortunately, usually aren't that creative. But check out the YouTube video I've posted. Some people really go all out.

The second video offers a different way to carve that makes the pumpkin last a lot longer. (I've never tried it, but that's what he says in the video.) It's a little cheesy but the overarching idea is great.

Or you can opt for this no-candle, mess-free online way to carve.

Anyway, happy carving!