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Well, I promised a run-down of my family's best Halloween costumes a couple of days ago and I always (well, most of the time...) make good on my promises. Mind you, these aren't costumes I made/wore. I was a bit less creative.

A bubble bath:
MATERIALS: A plastic laundry basket, white and blue balloons, two pieces of rope or ribbon, scissors.

Cut the bottom out of the laundry basket (preferably one wide enough to fit around your waist). Secure the ribbons on both ends, so they act as suspenders, allowing you to wear the basket. inflate the balloons (smaller, preferably) and attach them with tape to the inside - these are your bubbles! Your own attire is up to you - a pair of flesh-colored tights, a body suit and a shower cap worked well for both of my sisters that wore the costume, but you can be creative here. Also bring along your own accessories: sponges, rubber duckies, whatever! 

A pack of gum:
MATERIALS: A cardboard box, colored paper, scissors, tape.

Cut the bottom off of a large box, then arm holes and a hole to fit your head through. Depending on the type of gum you want to be, cover the box in colored paper or paint. (My sister was Jucy Fruit, so we had a yellow box.) With your paper (or again, paint), apply the logo. This costume may be  a little difficult to walk in, but it's easy to do and looks pretty cute.

Salt and pepper:
MATERIALS: two large boxes, paint, glitter, glue, scissors  and small laundry baskets.

Cut the bottoms off of the boxes, then arm holes and a place for your head. spray paint one box white and then apply white glitter. In black, write a large letter "S." This is obviously your salt. The other box should be speckled black and gray - we used a specialized spraypaint that got the effect for us pretty quickly, but you could probably do this by hand, if necessary. On this one, draw a large letter "P." Paint the laundry baskets silver and place them upside down on your head (that's the shaker) and voila! Instant condiments.