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So I promised an update on how obedience classes for that disobedient dog of mine have gone. And let me tell ya - it's going to be a bumpy ride.

During week one, Marley seemed to be doing OK ... at first. We found my friend Pamela and her dog Audrey, so he was happy for a while. I guess he figured we'd just gone to hang out in a parking lot with his buddies.

Once class started, though, it was another story. The dog who sits so nicely at home and who plays dead for treats became the class clown. I said "sit" and he roamed around. I said "stay" and he said, "don't think so."

The best part, though, was when he just completely gave up and laid down. The other dogs were practicing "heel" and "halt" while my dog looked more like a rug, sprawled out on the ground. And he wouldn't budge.

Can we say embarrassing? Yes. And it was. Apparently my dog's the spoiled child of the bunch. But I guess it just shows I really do need to be taking him to these classes.

The second time around was definitely better - he actually did what I asked of him every once in a while - but he's still a bit of a flunkie. The instructors say they're bringing a special, pronged collar for us to use next week - it sounds scary, but they say it will get him to listen and is still humane.

I guess we'll see. I can honestly say I've seen some improvement at home with him. It's little things, like him not getting onto the furniture and sitting until I "release" him. But hey, it's something.